Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Stitching To Show Yet

I have not stitched a stitch as of yet on this project.  It's terrible how life gets in the way.  I do have the fabric chosen, and I do have a bunch of ideas running around in my head.  I'm very excited to get going on this!  My squares are going to be 2" square; the more I thought about 1", the less I thought it would work well for me.  My eventual goal is still 100 squares.

I really thought tonight would be 'the night' to start on this project; not to be.  My DH has been retired going on 3 years now.  He's been working very part-time at a local Sylvan Learning Center as an instructor for a couple of those years.  As the economy has gotten worse, the number of students enrolled has steadily declined.  While last year he was working 20+ hours a week most weeks, this winter he has been lucky to have 4 hours a week!  We've had a feeling it was coming, but today he learned the center closes tomorrow.  So, he'll be working his last two hours there tomorrow.   

I'm sad for my DH, who was a teacher for the first 6 or 7 years of his 'after college' years.  He taught junior high school, high school, community college, and freshman college courses.  He spent the rest of his working life as a computer systems analyst (made a lot better money than teaching school).  BUT, teaching was always his first love.  I was thrilled for HIM that he got this chance to work with students again, at the end of his working years.  He'll be 68 in September, so I'm not sure he'll get this chance again.

I'm also sad for those young minds who will miss out on getting to know my funny, smart, special DH and his fantastic sense of humor, as well as have the chance to improve their minds, particularly in all things math-related; (his expertise and first love).  His expertise ranges from teaching a young child the basics of counting through most college-level mathematics courses.  Needless to say, after that news, my mind hasn't been on stitching this evening.   

So, stay tuned; I will be back here to post some of my many blessings, as soon as I can think and see them clearly once again.

Happy Stitching.

Vicki in CO